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Our Company

Grooming the future of the industry for many generations to come - T4Academy

Our Story

Our Story

T4Academy Sdn. Bhd. functions as a Training and Consultancy Academy that specializes in providing food safety training and consultation services. Our services include individualized professional consultations, inspections, and pre-auditing services custom designed to exceed our clients' expectations. We passionately prepare our clients to meet both Local and International Standards in coaching them to gain and obtain certifications such as The Food Handlers Training (KPM - Kursus Pengendalian Makanan) accredited by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), Good Catering Practices (GCP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), ISO 9000 Series (Quality), ISO 22000 Series (Food Safety Management System), Food Plant and Kitchen Layout & Design Consultancy (HACCP compliant), 5S (Methodology), Hygiene and Sanitation for Kitchens & Industries.

At T4Academy Sdn. Bhd, the difference is in how we prioritize on being client-focused in safeguarding their investments, by providing them with result-oriented and value-added solutions. We wholeheartedly enjoy assisting our clients step-by-step all the way through the entire process, enthusiastic and efficient in each and every step.

Our commitment to our clients is long term, our focus has never ended at the point of sale - we are absolutely committed to the success of our clients and we go above and beyond the normal practices in providing our clients with all the information they require to make knowledgeable and informed decisions concerning their businesses and investments.

At T4Academy Sdn. Bhd., there is no such thing as Customer Service. There is only Customer Commitment, which comes down to making an outrageous promise to our customers that we strive to keep every single time.

Our Ethics

Our programs and consultancies are highly individualized and no clients are pushed through any unnecessary program not required by their business or investments. Clients undergoing our programs and consultancies are sure to benefit from the highest standards of quality in terms of food safety and handling practices, better workflow and management, and thus resulting in increased confidence and profits of the public towards our client’s brand, making them winners in their industry! We offer exceptional services for clients with stringent specification and consultation needs.

The effectiveness and thoroughness of our services ensures that our clients only will benefit from the best of what we offer, with absolute minimal levels of dissatisfaction. We also strive to ensure that all our clients will experience improvements in terms of standards and quality in both their business management and practices. Our programs are also tailored to optimize the efforts, quality and standards of employees in order to churn out knowledgeable and well informed workers in representing their owners and the business. Most importantly we embrace the “SMART” philosophy in extending our service for our clients. Our commitment to their success is long lasting and at a depth not found in most training and consultancy industry at large.

Our client’s success is our success.

Our Services

★   ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

★   ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System

★   Food Handlers Training (KPM)

★   Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

★   Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

★   Good Hygiene Practices (GHP)

★   Good Catering Practices (GCP)

★   Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

★   Food Plant and Kitchen Layout & Design Consultancy (HACCP Compliant)

★   Hygiene and Sanitation for Kitchens & Industries

★   5S Methodologies

★   Third-party Audit

★   Maintenance of the Standard

Note : Our training programs are designed according to the needs of our respective clients. Therefore, the cost and contents may vary from case-to-case.